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Management Department

About Management Department

K.L.B. D.A.V College establish with the objective enhancing value based education among girls for their all sound development with best faculty for their academic progress.

The motive behind starting management wing was to enhance the professional competencies with flexibility, adaptability and passion for learning to cater to the need of the society. Management department was established in 2007 year with introduction of B.B.A courses with the vision to provide access to high quality education. The aim was to prepare the girls of the surrounding and for flung areas of Himachal Pradesh. To become self depend and successful professionals in various walks of life.

Further, as additions to the department was done by introducing courses B.Com & M.Com. in year 2017 to 2021 respectively with an aim of for biding near and better opportunity for the girls students in commerce and related field. We are focusing an think strength and developing them for their future opportunities by taking degrees in accounting, finance, marketing that lead to national as well as International career. 

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    Useful Information


    In order to cater the academic demands of the students, the college has rich haul of books in the library. There are books pertaining to the syllabi, reference books and general interest books. The college subscribes to various magazines, E- journals and leading newspapers. The qualified librarians supervise the library activities and issue books to the students under college rules.


    The college has independent laboratories for all disciplines. A well equipped computer laboratory with LAN, broadband, requisite software for existing in the college and a secure Wi-Fi is at the disposal of the students.


    College will charge the fee for the academic year for full twelve months. The fee is to be deposited by the candidate at the time of admission failing which seat will be allotted to the next candidate.

    1.  Refund of securities is permitted within a year after completion of the course failing which security will stand forfeited.
    2. Fines: Absence fine & special fines will have to be deposited on notified dates.


    1.  Absence fine per period is Rs. 5/- and whole day Rs.20/
    2. Library fine is Rs. 10 per day per book.
    3.  Absence fine from other sessional work is Rs. 100/-per day.
    4.  Absence from House Test is Rs. 100/-per paper.
    5. Regular 6 days absence any studentwithout any information the name will be struck of re- admitted in course with Rs. 1500/-


    1.  Observance of the college rules and regulations is compulsory. Violation of the rules and regulation/order issued from time to time is not excused. Trainees are expected to go through the hand book of information and college notice board regularly. Defaulting may invite penalties.
    2. Each Trainee is expected to observe the college dress code strictly.
    3. Each trainee is expected to be present regularly in the college (except during leave). Name will be struck-off if a candidate absents herself continuously for six days. Candidate can seek re-admission after satisfying the Principal for the absence within 10 days.
    4. No trainee is permitted to undertake any part-time/whole-time job during the course of study.
    5. No trainee is allowed to put posters in college campus/notice board, or to hold assembly in college permission or to address an unauthorized assembly in the college campus.
    6. Silence is to be strictly observed. Trainees causing disturbance/obstruction in the smooth functioning of the college are liable for disciplinary action.
    7. Any trainee causing loss to the college property will be penalized and asked to make good the loss.
    8. Each trainee is expected to maintain a general level of proficiency in academic educational training..
    9. Each trainee is required to participate in sport activities.
    10. For outside campus/ educational tours/cultural activities, candidates must seek their guardian/parent’s consent to this effect.
    11. Trainees causing indiscipline, disobeying the orders, non-observance of rules and regulations and non-completion of assignments will invite disciplinary action.
    12. Trainees are not allowed to leave the college campus during teaching hours.
    13. Parents/Guradians are expected to keep contact with the principal of the college to know their ward’s progress. Office Phone No. 01894-232587.


    1.  All trainees are expected to attend their classes regularly and punctually. In case the candidate is unable to attend the class, she may apply for leave on the proper application form and her record of leave will be maintained in the leave book. Only 10 days of leave will be granted to a student in the full academic year.
    2. Before proceeding on leave, leave must be sanctioned from appropriate authority and submitted to the office.
    3. In case of illness the leave application must be supported by medical certificate from govt. hospital indicating the period advised for rest. Frequent medical leave or long medical leave may indicate a general poor health condition which may declare a student medically unfit for training.
    4. Leave for working days falling between holidays, Holiday prefix or suffix will not be granted. Principal is the only competent authority to sanction such leaves. Absence will invite special fine.
    5. Leave up to two days will be sanctioned by tutor, up to four days by senior tutor and more than four days by the Principal, on the recommendation of the tutor and senior tutor.
    6. In case of consecutive 6 days absent any student without any information the name will be struck off and re-admitted in course with Rs. 1500/-

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    Events and Activities

    Excelsior at Govt. P.G College Dharamshala 16/03/2024

    Students participated in Excelsior Event(Declamation, Extempor Competition and Ad-mad Show) organised by Govt. P.G College Dharamshala. Mridul grabbed third prize in Declamation competition. In ad-mad show Anshika, Ashima, Riya, Priyanka and Kanishka of BBA course grabbed third prize.  Director Dr. R.S Rana congratulated the prize winners.

    Special Guest on Declamation Competition 29/02/2024

    Anshika (NSS Volunteer), invited by Central University of Himachal Pradesh as a special guest to motivate students to join NSS.

    Poster Making Competition 19/02/2024

    Isha kapoor B.Com third year got third prize in poster making competition. This competition was organised by “Yuva Seva and Sports Deptt” held at sports complex Dharamshala.

    Exhibition “Best out of Waste” 19/02/2024

    An exhibition was organised by management deptt. On 23rd Dec 2023. The theme of the exhibition was “Best out of Waste”. All the students participated actively by making beautiful art pieces out of Waste. Artworks like vases, sculptures, wall hangings, working models, lamps, pen holders, stone works etc were exhibited by the students.

    Declamation Competition 22/08/2023

    Declamation Competition was organized in KLB DAV College for Girls, Palampur by the department of Management and Commerce on the occasions of “Quit India Movement / August Kranti Din” on 9th August 2023 The topics of Declamation were:- Role of freedom fighter in quit India movement and change in Indian economy after Independence. Participants from […]

    Story Writing Competition 22/12/2022

    Mridul third year got first prize in story writing competition. This competition was organised by “Yuva Seva and Sports Deptt” held at sports complex Dharamshala.

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