Palampur (H.P.)
( Department Of Teacher's Education )


Admission Procedure

The admission to B.Ed. course is carried out at the H.P.University Shimla. The admissions are strictly on the basis of Entrance test conducted by HPU. The eligibility criteria are set by the University on the basis of marks obtained in B.A/B.Sc/B.Com.,Post-Graduation examination of any recognized university. 10% of the seats are reserved as "management quota". No deviation from this is allowed.

Since the H.P.University conducts admission to B.Ed. course, it gives wide publicity through advertisement in national and local newspapers. Further, the university publishes a "handbook of information" every year. The college also publishes its prospectus (a copy attached). Both the handbook of information published by H.P.University and college prospectus provide adequate information regarding admission procedures, prescribed courses, fee structure and other information relevant to the student needs. The full details are also available on the college website www.klbdavcollege.org

Fee Structure
1)Tution FeeRs. 35,750/-Rs. 39,325/-
Lavy ChargesRs. 3575/-
2)Anual Charges 
a)Admission feeRs. 1080/-
c) Re-Admission fee Rs. 110/-
d) Building Fund Rs. 1050/-
e) Repair & Replacement of furniture and books Rs. 540/-
f) House Exams Rs. 110/-
g) Magazine Fund Rs. 30/-
h) Identity Card Rs. 10/-
i) Medical Fund Rs. 60/-
j) Student Air Fund Rs. 270/-
k) Electricity & Water Rs. 60/-
l) College Budget Rs. 10/-
m) Society Fund Rs. 60/-
n) Sports fee Rs. 110/-
o) Cultural Activities Fund Rs. 110/-
Total Rs. 110/-
3) Monthly Charges  
Sr.No. Particulars of Item Amount Annual
a) Amalgamated Fund Rs. 60/- Rs. 720/-
b) Library & Reading Room Rs. 60/- Rs. 720/-
c) Practical for Science and Music Rs. 60/- Rs. 720/-
d) Other Student Activities Rs. 130/- Rs. 1560/-
e) Computer Fee Rs. 220/- Rs. 2460/-
    Rs. 6360/-
4) Library Security Charges (Refundable) Rs. 1000/-
  Grand Total (1+2+3+4)   Rs. 50,325/-


  1. The maximum marks for the paper will be 100. The marks for different sections will be as under:







All remaining sections=


Marks each

  1. There will be ten sections in the question paper. There will be four questions from Section-III and two each from other Sections.
  2. The examinee will select four sections. Section-III of this paper viz., Computer Applications is compulsory. The examinee will attempt five questions in all. Two from Section-III and one each from other three Sections
  3. The questions in the question paper will not be straight and direct.
  4. Each question in Section-III will be of 20 marks and each question in other sections will be of 20 marks.
  5. The last year questions may be repeated.

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